About Becky

I'm an artist and writer in western Maine, USA with a lifelong passion for nature and philosophy. I grew up here in rural Maine, and the woods were my first playground. I still find nature to be an endless source of beauty, peace, thrills, and inspiration and have learned over the years that the only thing better than discovering the gifts of the forests and fields is to have the opportunity to share my discoveries with others. My experiences are varied, from earning a bachelor's degree in Wildlife from Unity College in Maine and working in the fisheries and wildlife research field, to rehabilitating shy and aggressive dogs by finding understanding and gently building trust, to raising my children to be the wonderful teenagers they are now, to starting a hand dyed yarn business with customers all over the world, and writing essays and poetry and painting landscapes and portraits of wildlife through it all.

I'm curious and inventive and enjoy trying my hand at new and varied mediums and art forms. Any given week can find me hiking to lost ponds and taking pictures, at home near the fireplace designing knitwear, developing new colorways of my hand dyed yarn and filling orders, painting canvases in my sunny home studio, writing poems in my beautiful backyard, and spending treasured time with my beloved family and friends.

Thank you very much for checking out my work!


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